After 30 years, Robert Henrit is coming on tour with me. If you take A look at ' My Life ' on my website, you'll see, Bob and I go back a along way. We were in 'The Daybreakers ', while still at school, then we were in ' Adam Faith and The Roulettes ' in the sixties, then, we were the Plus Two in ' Unit Four Plus Two '. Unit four ' were the group we left to join Argent. I left Argent in 1974, I intended to go on the road with my own group, however, my son Christian was born in 75, I wanted to be with him, to see his every development, so I concentrated on writing and recording. We did get together again in 1978 when we made an album called ' The Barnet Dogs '. Bob was a part of ' The Barnet dogs' too. Our intention was to make a ' high energy ' album, the record produced a hit single, it was ' On The Rebound ', we did some T. V. shows, however, we still didn't tour together again. It was around this time Bob joined ' The Kinks ' and he stayed with them for over twenty years, until they disbanded a few years ago. The great thing is, we have an almost ' Telepathic ' understanding, musically.

I'm also being joined by my great mates, Chris Winter on guitar, Steve Smith, the great keyboard maestro and Chris Childs, bass player from the group ' Thunder ', It's like dying and going to heaven.

Apart from being a great musician, Chris Winter is also an amazing writer, when I first heard his song ' Mankind ' I phoned him to tell him it's one of the best songs ever written. Steve Smith recently produced '' I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker '' by Sandy Thom , the song reached number one in the U. K. Steve is in big demand as player / producer. Chris Childs is in the charts at the moment in the U. K. with Thunder, so, I feel lucky to get these great men.

See you in Germany,